I'm Nate! I live full time out of a Nissan NV200 custom camper van. I'm on an indefinite road trip adventure across North America! I started this lifestyle over 3 years ago in a Honda Element and have since moved on to the slightly larger Nissan. I designed my YouTube Channel and this website to share my experiences with you. I hope to inspire others to explore minimalism, adventure, and freedom!

First off, let me show you around my home a bit. It's certainly not your typical NV200! Here's a video I made touring the camper conversion. Admittedly, the van is a work in progress. I'm making changes constantly as I try to find new ways to maximize the space in my tiny home.

But, but WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE IN A VAN?? Well, I'm glad you asked! There are many reasons why I chose to live this way.

  • NO RENT. I am completely rent free and I haven't paid in well over four years. This substantially reduces my month to month expenses and allows me the freedom to work a little less, and consequently, spend more time pursuing my interests and passions.
  • FREEDOM. I am free to travel as I please. I am completely nomadic and can travel whereever, whenever I want. Surf looks good in Florida next weekend? I'm there.
  • MINIMALISM. I am a firm believer in the concept that less stuff = less stress. When I have control over all of my possessions and they all fit comfortably in my 40 square foot home, I feel happier, healthier and more confident.

Check out this video I made for more details about why I live in such a tiny van.

So, how do I live in a 40 square foot van full time? Here's a list of commonly asked questions...

  • SHOWER? I use a Planet Fitness gym membership to shower. Planet Fitness is great because there are hundreds of locations across the country that I can use.
  • BATHROOM? I use public restrooms.
  • MAKING MONEY? There are lots of ways that I earn money and they are constantly changing as I develop new skills and travel around. Today most of my income comes from my work in video production, digital marketing, and the Element Van Life YouTube channel.
  • PARKING AT NIGHT? I typically park on residential streets. I avoid streets that are very busy, but I also avoid extremely quiet streets. I can't blend in if there are no other cars to blend in with!

Explore this site further for more about van life, minimalism, and full time travel!